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About Us

dealsnapt is built with the small/medium business in mind – overcoming the challenges of a high volume, deep discount daily-deal market, and wasteful, inefficient print models. It is very important for businesses to deliver value to consumers at a profit – where both the consumer and business win.

We are transforming the way that businesses engage consumers and create loyal customers through a budget friendly platform that enables an owner to quickly addressing the dynamic nature of their business by responding to consumer feedback, minimizing quiet times, and quickly turning inventory.

For Businesses,

  • remove the middleman and keep ALL the money from the transaction
  • publish deals, specials and events 'just-in-time' or based on a calendar to the public or exclusive groups
  • geo-target consumers within a 2 mile radius of their location
  • engage consumers based on time-of-day, quantity and location to drive traffic during slower periods
  • know who purchased and how much they spent

For Consumers,

  • in-store redemption means that they will never have to buy up front again
  • notification of relevant, hot deals as they happen
  • the ability to share, like and comment on deals, events and shops
  • snapBuzz to see what is happening around them now, what their friends are up to and exclusive offers

Simply put, dealsnapt helps businesses win. We are the only platform that allows businesses to engage each other’s customers to keep people spending local.